Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hummingbird - Foxglove work in progress

I have painted the background on the 16" x 20" canvas and started drawing in the floxglove. I think you can just barely make out the pencil marks. I lightly painted the outline of one flower stalk, but it is part of the background so it is not going to get any detail. Just vague shape and colour.
Now I've started the painting. I have put in the stems and started the buds. I also added some black at the bottom of the painting to give it a little drama and set off the light coming in from the top.

I'm also painting a 8" x 10" at the same time but am not going to do it as a WIP. I'll just post the finished product here when I'm done. It will basically be the same probably but with fewer flowers and birds.

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DEB said...

This is going to be a pretty one!!!!