Monday, March 2, 2009

How are the Prairies similar to the sea? Ships and Storms

How are the prairies and the sea similar? The wide open spaces and the beautiful sunsets. Storm watching and dependence on the weather. I'm drawn to the sea, the same as I miss the flat land when I'm not here. Don't get me wrong...I love the mountains, but start yearning for open space when I am there. Give me a good old big sunset any day :)

Out of the Storm.....a 2.5" x 3.5" acrylic. Listed on Ebay here


Pencil Sanity said...

This is a beautiful painting. Actually you are so spot on about the prairies. Having lived in the western parts of South Dakota, we had fields of tall Buffalo grasses that would wave like water on windy days. I would sit at my kitchen table and just watch the grasses make ripples of waves. And the storms were out of this world at times. Just breathtaking!

Crafty Sue said...

I love the colours you used in this painting, another lovely work of art!

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