Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Egret - Work in Progress

I worked on the bird itself for a bit today. I drew the bird in after debating forever on where I wanted it. Then I could barely see the pencil marks so I just roughly painted in the white so I could tell what I was doing.
I started adding some of his detailing. Now you can see the pencil marks on the wings so I have a lot more painting to do. I think you can just make out his legs and feet. I have to give the water reflection some thought on how to proceed with it. I'm a long way away from the reflection though.


Crafty Sue said...

I think it's already beautiful as it is , so it will be GREAT when finished.

Carolynn McDade said...

Oh my Leola.. LOVELY

Carolynn McDade said...

just lovely Leola! I'm lovin' it.

Marlene said...

Hi Leola, I am back from the mountain. I love this painting! The background is amazing.