Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Round Robin 2 - finished project

You may remember some time ago, I posted that I was taking part in a Round Robin with 3 other artists. Each submitting a "start" and then passing it on to the next artist and so on until we received our back finished. This was my "start"
I got it back in the mail yesterday finished. It has been on quite a journey and what a story it tells. Many thanks to the contributing artists
Susan: Beasnbeacons (on Ebay), Isa: Isablue123 (on Ebay) and Debrah: ArtzzeeOne (on Ebay) and the big ACEO group for hosting.


Bridget said...

very interesting concept Leola...looks like you had fun participating

Doreen said...

What an excellent FUN project, it turned out so lovely and fantastical, glad you enjoyed this : ))

Marlene said...

It turned out fantastic. I can't wait to get mine back and see how it was transformed.

Crafty Sue said...