Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Backyard - Work in Progress - Finished

I worked on the flower bed today, and the shadows. It was more difficult than I realized to get the depth. She must have taken the reference photo from her upper deck.
Steph's Patio - 8 x 10" acrylic.
Added the patio furniture. Shaded in the entire area. She's has a new place to landscape now. Hope it's as peaceful as this one :) (I'm never painting gravel again!)
You can see the entire work in progress on my home page


Carolynn McDade said...

Hi Leola! Both flowerbed paintings are great! You do lovely work.


Gail H. Ragsdale said...

Really great Leola! The colors are wonderful and you nailed the peaceful feeling.

Marlene said...

Another beauty, I hear you about the gravel-I would not have even tried it.

DEB said...

What a lovely backyard!! When can I come visit?

artbylmr said...

These are coming out gorgeous! Steph should be very pleased. I say 'never again' about lots of things and still end up painting it again - glutton for punishment I guess.