Thursday, August 13, 2009

WIP - work in progress - Autumn Reflection

This is the start of an OSWOA size (6" x 4") fall painting. I wanted to experiment with the colours for a bigger one that I am going to paint (3' x 4') I managed to get all the colours in that I wanted. All the background colour is done by dipping rolled up plastic wrap into various paint colour and blotting on to the paper.
Then I started adding details with brush and knife. I want to add some birds at some point but am not sure what type of birds I want. Either ducks, loons or swans. I think it will depend on how the bird turns out finished. I may call it an ostrich or "big bird"! I've set it aside for a day or two to ponder on where to go next on this.


Doreen said...

WOW I already love it as it is and will look forward to the finished results which I am sure will be beautiful!
Thanks for sharing the medium and process you use...I love to experiment and will try this at least once : )

Amber said...

Very nice! You did a wonderful job!

DEB said...

Leola...This is going to be one of your best pieces!!

Pencil Sanity said...

This is quite amazing as it is. I am looking forward to seeing the surprise bird in it.