Monday, November 24, 2008

Element paintings - lightning storms and Northern lights

I managed to get 4 aceo's (art card and editions) 2.5" x 3.5"painted and listed today. All are element paintings of some sort. The lightning ones are kind of what our lake looks like during a storm at night. You can see the lights across the lake. The Northern lights haven't been very pronouced for awhile now. Hopefully they will come out soon. (probably has to get colder and I'm not prepared to wish for that!) Probably not the best week to list, with the American Thanksgiving and people being away, but I listed them anyway. You will find them on Ebay here


DW Quilt Art said...

Just saw these posted in the YBA group so had to come and tell you they are fabulous! You never know, sometimes things are good during the holidays...everyone needs a little break from the family now and then ;-)

Audrey Friesen said...

Awesome paintings!! I love the black & white. I paint myself and know how hard b & w is!! Wonderful stuff.