Monday, February 11, 2013

Where to start.  I vowed this year, I would try to keep up my blog posts.....hmmm so far that's not working out so well.  I have been busy with art stuff though.......

We started a sub group on facebook (over 200 members in one month)  to enhance the parent aceo group on eBay.  Lots and lots of chatting has been going on there....and lots of information on projects that we are doing over at the big group. I'm a moderator of the big eBay group.  We are the oldest aceo group on eBay with over 5000 members and the owner of the group is Bone Diva who started the ACEO movement back in the day.... To join us on facebook, here is a link:

ACEO ~ Art Card Editions and Originals on Ebay

Also, I started my own art group on Facebook, it's for all mediums, all sizes except aceo (there are enough groups for them)  We are a loud boisterous group who share ideas, network, and art!  No topic is taboo.....(except aceo LOL)  Artists and collectors alike are welcome here....We also from time to time list calls for art etc. and anything "free" like online classes that we think may be of interest.

To join my art group on eBay, here is a link:

All Art but ACEO (All Artists and Collectors)

See you guys on the boards!!!!!

Zentangle inspired aceo of Khal Drogo from the game of thrones....

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