Sunday, February 24, 2013

A totally new style of listing from me.  You will find Donalda Listed on eBay here

Donalda Do-Rag Goes to Creepy Hollow
2.5" x 3.5" pen and ink
Donalda Do-Rag went to Creepy Hollow on her really cool bike she bought after saving coupons for over 15 years. She was taking fresh baked brownies to her Grandmother. Her cousin Red, (3 times removed on her mother's side) was supposed to do it, but as usual had bombed out and was off picking mushrooms with the leader of that wolf pack that was always hanging around. You know the kind.....swanky dressers, speedy cars, fast talkers....Oddly her Grandmother's house is shaped like a mushroom.  (did you notice that?)   She has a lot of mushrooms in the woods behind her place, so the hippies are always in there picking them, and that really annoys Grandma.So once a week someone has to bring her brownies so she will chill out. This week it fell on Donalda Do-Rag.  The wolf in the picture isn't going to eat her or probably even talk to her....he's just kind of strung out on the road.....Anyway, that is Donalda's story.....she will have more stories...but that's for another day and another listing..

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