Friday, November 18, 2011

Guardian Angel - new work, experimental

Guardian Angel.  4" x 6" mixed media

She's actually a bit bigger than I usually do.  I was going to post this as a WIP, but they can get kind of boring so I just am posting the finished product.   I was just going to do a sketch, but then I decided to wash the whole thing in blue watered down  acrylic (I don't work in watercolour, but it probably would have been better here).  Not completely happy with the outcome,  I decided to outline some (but not all) with ink.  I then went over it again with graphite pencil.  I rarely paint faces so she has only half a face showing.  Anyway, this is my dabbling for the week.  On a whim I listed her on Ebay, and do have some watchers.  I didn't think anyone would be interested in 4 x 6.  You will find the listing here on Ebay


art & culture said...

I like this one very nice

Crafty Sue said...

I like the soft tone of blue... very nice!

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

I think tinkering has been in the air! In all seriousness it helps to keep us fresh and enthused about our art. Great piece! BTW, I have a 4" x 6" storm scene of your from several years back :) Love it :)

Doreen said...

Very impressive! Lovely work!