Thursday, August 18, 2011

People's Choice - August Theme Week - Sky - ACEO

                                        Hello Fellow Bloggers.  I have to say that I really haven't painted much this summer.  We have been so busy it seems that painting really had to go on the back burner. 

I decided to enter this month's theme week "SKY" over at the big ACEO group on EBAY.  The subject was right down my alley and a subject I hold very dear.  I painted this one and two others.  Really the only painting I've done this summer.

I was thrilled to find out that not only had this piece sold, but that it had won "People's Choice" for the theme!  Hopefully this will get the creative juices flowing and I can get down to painting in earnest!


maddyrose said...

It's a beautiful painting and it's no wonder it won People's Choice. I'm looking forward to seeing more paintings now that summer is coming to an end.

Crafty Sue said...

What nice news...CONGRATULATIONS!