Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Painted Soap - Looking back

Cougar and Eagle

Funny how some things change, and some stay the same! I was digging around in a drawer this morning and came acroos these bars of soap that I painted. They must be 8 or 9 years old. Funny how they have lasted and stayed pretty much the same, (must be the good old acrylics) but my painting technique has changed quite a bit. I don't remember even how I did this or how I prepared the soap LOL. I was doing more crafting then and less painting. The big question is....why on earth would I paint on soap? LOL


Pencil Sanity said...

They are beautiful but I think that if I displayed them at my home I would have to put up a sign saying DO NOT USE. LOL
Very lovely.

Amber said...

They are very beautiful! It's amazing how we grow in everything we do! I can tell a difference in projects just from 2 years ago. They look great though!!

artbylmr said...

What a riot! You need to check more drawers. LOL Those earring above are great too. Very pretty!