Monday, October 19, 2009

Inukshuk - 2010 Olympics

The symbolic Inukshuk is showing up everwhere since the 2010 Olympics have used it on their logo. An Inuit word with several meanings, the most common meaning (that I can find) meaning Welcome....You are on the right path. The people were here before you. These were extremely important landmarks to the Inuit.
I have chosen to put my Inukshuk standing as a lone sentry in front of a firey sunrise. A new day.
Painted with acrylics this 6" x 4" painting is listed for sale here


Pencil Sanity said...

This is great and loved reading about this as well.

Marlene said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, your paintings are truly wonderful. Looking forward to following you and seeing your beautiful artwork.

Daisy Soap Girl said...

And what a pretty sunset! I'm trying to catchup on looking at your work for the past two weeks.