Thursday, October 2, 2008

Ice fishing Shack - Kinookimaw - Finished project

I think the project is done. It's sucking back too much of my paint. So one wall will remain blank. That's ok. You can't see all 4 sides at once anyway. The trout is by the door. Our name has to go on the other side of the door so that should balance it out. I probably should have painted a fish native to our lake, but rainbow trout are soo pretty I couldn't resist. We'll see if the paintings can stand up to the cold winter.


Bridget said...

hi Leola,
just stopping by to say Hello. I still have your storm aceo & 4x6 mermaid displayed in my living room. the rainbow trout you painted is spectacular.

Leola said...

Thanks Bridget. That's awesome!!!

Danielle Barlow said...

What a cool project! I am impressed that you can work so large, and still keep the quality as good as you do for your miniatures! I struggle to paint anything bigger than sketchbook size these days. Happy Fishing!

Ginger said...

Hello Leola just wanted to tell you love your art enjoyed your blog very much ! The spam ship weas outstanding well done my friend!
hugs ginger

Crafty Sue said...

Hi Leola,
I think you've done a wonderful job.
Your painting is awesome.

Kims Art said...

Hi Leola,
I have never seen an Ice Fishing Shack in person only on t.v, and I think this shack is wonderful! you do beautiful work! I was just amazed by the detail you get with minitures! Beautiful!