Monday, October 6, 2008

Best Effort Despite All Award (for Owen)

Owen's in the newspaper!!!! It isn't everyday one of the grandchildren is in the newspaper and Owen's award was featured in their community newspaper. The award for Best Effort Despite All
Quoted from the paper
"Best Effort Despite All (kid award)
This nine-year-old Hinton boy is living with muscular dystrophy and continues to keep a positive attitude while fighting the disease.
Though statistics indicate Langford should be confined to a wheelchair already, he continues to fight to keep his active lifestyle with the help of a supportive family and a positive outlook.
“It’s not every day some one gives some one with muscular dystrophy a most active kid award,” said Owen’s mother, Michelle. “It was really nice of [them] to let him shine like that; this community is so supportive.”

The full article can be seen here

Way to go Owen!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Amber said...

Yeah, way to go!!! Congratulations to Owen!!!

HDMac said...

WAHOO! That is so neat!!!!! Congratulations to your very special grandson and to a family that cares!!!!!!!