Friday, January 18, 2008

Pressed flower art

I was hot and heavy into this a few years back. I sometimes wonder if I should start doing this again. I liked combining painting with pressed petals, seeds etc. I gave this piece away, but I have a similar one packed away for myself. The problem I found was the preparation. I spent all summer collecting, pressing, cataloging, but when you ran out, you were done. So many intereesting things could be done. Lily petals made the most wonderful fairy wings. Tomatillos made great umbrellas. The sky was the limit.


May Terry said...

Hi Leola,

Stores like A.C. Moore carry dried and pressed petals and leaves of various types. Not something you'd want to spend money on frequently, but maybe occasionally you could use them.

The Indian portrait is wonderful. I'd love to see any more pictures you have.

May :-)

artbylmr said...

Hey Leola,

I have been hiding in my etsy hole lately. I never did that well on Ebay so this is a nice change for me. I have at least sold some pieces.

I popped into the OSWOA forum today and WOW! Your raven artwork is something else. The dancer one is so nice. Can't believe it didn't sell. The facial expressions are great and they are so hard to do in such a small format.

I always get inspired looking through the new work by everyone - may even tempt me to list again on Ebay!

Glad to hear you got your cast off and are mobile again!