Tuesday, September 25, 2007

OSWOA 1st Anniversay.

Saturday September 28 marks the first anniversary of the OSWOA movement. OSWOA stands for original small works of art. They must be 6" x 4" and be original. Absolutely no copies. I think this movement may have been born from the art card movement. Many OSWOA artists will be taking part in an art launch Saturday night listing their art on EBAY. The theme is "First". e.g. first love, first Christmas, first puppy etc.

I will be listing:

"First Light"

How can you tell the weather has turned colder and I'm already thinking of winter LOL

And: First Snowfall.


mousewords said...

These are so totally lovely. Wow, I wasn't aware of the OSWOA anniversary! I may do something for that. :):) Thanks for the heads' up!


Leola said...

Yes, Christine, the OSWOA group wants all the "firsts" listed on the 28th. Hopefully there will be a big turn out. Looking forward to seeing yours. :)

mousewords said...

Thanks, Leola! I do like the 4x6 size--just a little bigger than ACEO for expressing more of an idea, but no too much when you don't have the time or creativity for more. :);)

Leola said...

I love the OSWOA size. It's perfect for me. Although I like the little 1 1/2" minis also (I have to be in the right frame of mind to paint those LOL) I'm trying to come up with a great creative way to display a grouping of OSWOA on one of my walls. I want to be able to easily change them though. Haven't thought of anything yet, but I'm working on it. :)