Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Harvest Moon

Going home the other night, we saw a similar scene like this as we left the city. The moon was shining brightly on the wheat fields with the lights of Regina glowing in the distance. (my kind of scene :)) The only thing missing is the lights of the combines as they worked feverishly into the night to get the crops off.

6" x 4" OSWOA (acrylics) listed on Ebay.


flyinamber said...

Hi Leola!
I just detected your blog..I'm self-taught artist too and paint mostly with acryl on canvas..I like your flower paintings!

izabella said...


I am so in love with your art! I have been noticing it alot on ebay, when we upload for new listings in the groups ;)

thank you for visiting me on my blog & adding me...I am going to go add your name right now :)

have a great weekend!!


Ruth said...

I love your pictures. I came across you in a search for Harvest Moon. There was a link to your blog that did not work on your homepage. I viewed the source and there seemed to be an extra http: in the address so I copied and pasted without it and still ended up somewhere else (ripeness is all). Anyway I finally ended up here. I hope you don't mind I featured you on my blog with links to your pages. I didn't think you would mind a little publicity but if it is a problem just let me know.