Monday, March 7, 2011

2011 ACEO Playing card deck - my card

"Eye of the Storm" - 2011 ACEO Playing Card Deck

The ACEO group on Ebay is publishing another playing card deck. This will be the 3rd year this highly collectable deck is published. It's also the 3rd year I am taking part! A collaberation of 54 artists from all over the globe. I am very fortunate to have my name included. This is my submission for the card I was assigned.


Crafty Sue said...

Leola , I haven't left any comments lately but I do visit when I see your latest blog posts on my blog list.
Your work is always beautiful.

Marlene said...

Wonderful Leola, I am still working on mine. This is a fun project.

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

COOL! I am still working on mine...I always love this project.

angelself said...

I love it, Leola! ...just fabulous. I was almost done with mine, and then decided to start over from scratch today, LOL. My first time participating, and I'm having a ball with it =)Kathryn

artbylmr said...

Best card in the deck - I predict!

Patricia said...

Stunning! What a stand-out this will be.

Patricia (egret lover)