Tuesday, June 8, 2010

WIP - Char - Finished

Char - 9" x 12" graphite
My piece is finished and going in today's mail to Texas. A surprise for Char to repay the many many kindnesses she does for everyone.

I finished by adding the Choctaw Nation symbol to the teepee and added the Canada Geese to it as well (I used to put these geese on the back of every painting and envelope I sent out) I haven't done that for a few years now, but I wanted something "Canadian" on the piece. Last, as a bit a whimsey on the painting I added one small red bird (the only colour on the drawing) According to Char a red bird sighting is a good omen.

Although Char hasn't updated her blog for several months, it still is a good read. Amarillo-Choctaw

(the copyright is not on the original piece of course)


Doreen said...

Beautiful work Lee, I love how you bring such lovely meaning to your pictures giving them a life of their own. I'm sure your friend Char will love it : )

Crafty Sue said...

I agree with Doreen, I am certain she will love it. It's a beautiful gift!

Marlene said...

Amazing work Southie, it is beautiful. I love the little red bird.

artbylmr said...

What a lovely gift! You are such a good friend.

DEB said...

Char is going to LOOOVE this! I can just imagine the little animated smileys she'll post in gratitude! :)

Very nice of you to draw this for her - and so many sentimental and meaningful symbols! You are a sweetheart Leola.