Friday, April 24, 2009

Great Tip for cleaning acrylic paint from brushes :)

This is definitely a "10"

Thanks to my sister Sharon, here is a great tip for cleaning acrylic paint out of brushes.

I am incredibly hard on paint brushes. In fact I can only use cheap ones because I abuse them so badly. I lay them down and forget them...I don't clean properly.. Paint is always dry on them. Do you have the same problem?

Use plain old "hand sanitizer". The kind with ethyl alcohol and gel. Just put a glob on a saucer and "smash" the bristles of the brush into the gel. You will be amazed at what takes place. Paint you didn't even see will come out in the gel. It's great. What's even better is the gel conditions the brush making it just like new again. I have used rubbing alcohol in the past. This works 100 times better!

It's like sending your brushes to the spa.....


artbylmr said...

Great tip! I am wicked hard on brushes. My bristles get hard and spread out - likely by improper cleaning ( and leaving them standing in the water - a definite no no).

I just love the hummingbird painting - They should be showing up here in the next couple weeks!

Pencil Sanity said...

This is great to know especially for me being new to painting. I will give this a go once I find a house and get settled. Thanks a bunch for sharing this.