Thursday, May 29, 2008

Doll house Miniature Paintings

The mini's are back. 1.5" x 2" signed and dated on the back. I've painted the edges black so you don't have to frame them if you don't want to. The bottom painting is how our lake looked last night. Storm clouds started forming as the sun settled in the west.
Created especially for Dollhouse collector's, these mini's are also great for any miniature collection. Each comes with it's own Certificate of Authenticity from EBSQart. You can find them here: Ebay


May Terry said...

Yay! Mini's! These are both wonderful, Southie.

Crafty Sue said...

I had already visited your blog, you are very talented. I never left a comment since I did not have a google account then, but here I am. I will add your link to my favorite blog.
Your paintings are wonderful!

tolefairy said...

Exquisite! You are very talented!