Wednesday, October 17, 2007

RAK - Random Act of Kindness - Free Art Piece

What is a RAK - It is a Random act of Kindness. It is made spontaneously to someone to lift their day. I will happily send a free OSWOA (painted by me) to the 10th person who contacts me on this post. These posts are moderated so it won't show up, but I will not cheat. It will be the 10th person. I will leave a message on this post as to the winner. If you see your name as the winner go to my website (linked on here) there is a "contact me" link. Email me and I can get your address privately then. Just a fun thing to do today.

This took an embaressingly long time to get enough participants LOL Anyway, we have a winner.....drum roll please........Ms May Terry. Thank you. May please contact me (you can get my email at my website liked on this blog)

Check back often. I will probably do this again sometime before Christmas.


Leola said...

Don't be shy to comment, there may still be time to get your name in :) I to test this, because if I create enough buzz I may do this every 6 weeks or so.

Anonymous said...

Just think..If I comment 8 more times I can get somethin free!!!WOOHOO!!!!I love your beautiful work!

Leola said...

I just had to post the comment of above. It's so funny, but I said that I wouldn't put the comments on here so you wouldn't know how many posted so far. It's obvious, that you can still comment though (I'm collecting them and numbering them) So go ahead and comment. It goes straight to my email. I will announce a winner later. :)

artbylmr said...

Oh Darn, I was really hoping to be number 10! This is a really good idea. I'm sure it will have faster turnover next time.


May Terry said...

And May has received her (drum roll) beautiful OSWOA! It's called "Northern Sunset", and it's done in shades of red, orange, and yellow. There's a beautiful heron with one wing lifted, as if he's about to take off. Thank you so much, Leola--I just love it!!


Leola said...

I'm glad you like it May. Enjoy!